Your Money Questions, Answered [Beyond Finances Podcast]

You asked us about student loans, credit cards, IPOs, retirement savings, and budgeting. Here are our answers.

A few podcast episodes ago, we asked for you to send us some of your money questions that you wanted our perspective on — now we’re answering!

We cover the following questions in this first “ask me anything” styled podcast episode:

  • How much do I need to save for retirement?

Big thank you to everyone who submitted questions. You are always welcome to send in your money question, too!

Email us at with your questions — about money or even more. Ask us anything and if we get enough of your Qs, we’ll do another AMA-type episode to answer.

But in the meantime, jump into this episode to get these answers, or check out detailed show notes and takeaways below:

Further Reading & Resources Mentioned in the Show

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