3 Self-Defeating Money Mindsets to Give Up Now

Money Mindset #1: Money Is Bad — and Having (or Wanting It) Is Bad, Too

  1. You can ignore it or deliberately avoid it.
  2. You can use it destructively, to tear something apart or to hurt yourself or someone else.
  3. You can use it productively or creatively, to build what you want and to help others who may not know how to use the tool as well as you do.

Money Mindset #2: Money Is Hard to Come by, and Difficult to Keep Once You Have It

3. Money Is Not Something I Deserve

The Money Mindsets to Adopt for Financial Success

  • Money is a tool I can use productively and well to build the life I want.
  • Money is abundant, and I can earn more of it.
  • Money is a resource that I can use responsibly to create stability for myself and others.
  • Money is a proxy for choice.
  • Money is something I can understand and manage well (and if I don’t know how right now, I can learn and improve).
  • Money is something I deserve so I can live well and help others.



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Eric Roberge

Eric Roberge

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